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WIN a Forager slow feeder from HAYGAIN worth £249

WE’VE got a Forager slow feeder, worth £249, to give away to one lucky reader.

The Forager slow feeder from Haygain is the natural way to slow the pace at which your horse eats. It imitates natural grazing behaviour and regulates the pace of eating, which is important for health as well as helping stave off boredom. The regulator grid ensures smaller bites of forage and increased amounts of chewing, which helps maintain a flow of saliva, acting as a natural buffer to stomach acid, thus reducing the risk of colic and aiding in the prevention of gastric ulcers, obesity and laminitis. It also stops cross contamination of forage and bedding, saving you time and money.

For your chance to win, just enter your details below.

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