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BLOG from Beth Conheeney: Rudie – from start to saddle

Our blogger Beth Conheeney describes meeting her new horse Rudie, and the steps leading up to starting her under saddle.

I first saw Rudie’s advert on a website, and felt immediately drawn to her – she had the right breeding and build for the job I wanted her to do, which is showjumping. She was quite poor-looking in her photos, but she looked right on paper and was quite local so I decided to go and see her.

Rudie as she was when I went to see her.

 When I saw her she’d not long come over from Ireland and was very thin. She wasn’t broken, but I saw her move and pop a small jump loose, liked the way she moved and agreed to buy her. A friend came with me to pick her up, and she was difficult to travel, in fact when we finally got her on board the lorry my friend wanted me to take her straight back! I’d already been looking for a horse for over six months, though, and I just had a feeling about Rudie and wanted to give her a chance.



Rudie about four weeks after I got her

When I got her back home (the Whitaker’s yard in Yorkshire), no one was fond of her and asked me what I’d bought! We put her in her stable and she immediately started stressing out. Then, Ian Whitaker came out and was really complimentary about her and said she just needed some space and time to settle down.





Rudie continues her education

Rudie wasn’t in great condition, so we started her on the horse walker and lunging; then I began to lunge with a roller which she took to very well, after a few days of lunging getting her used to having something on her back I began to work her with a saddle and bridle on. After a week or so it was time to get on board! George (Whitaker) got on her first for me and rode her on the lunge and loose in walk, then I got on her the following day. She took around two weeks to be fully broken.

She’s still unbalanced, but I’ve been riding her every day and she’s coming on in leaps and bounds, all three gaits are coming on very nicely with weekly flat work session’s from Sue Chadwick.



Rudie’s first show

I have recently taken her to a local show in which she was placed 2nd and 3rd so I was very pleased with that, she is now having a few weeks off before I take her back to university with me, which is when I’m hoping to get out and do some four year old classes and see how she gets on. I’m looking forward to updating you on our progress.



Thank you for reading, B x

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