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Could you give these golden oldies their forever home?

After all age is just a number.

It can take longer to rehome an older animal in RSPCA care but the animal welfare charity is highlighting the benefits of adopting one of our Golden Oldies.

Figures show it takes about two weeks to rehome young dogs and cats (under six months old), but it takes more than THREE times longer to rehome dogs and more than TWICE as long to rehome cats aged over three.

The outlook for equines is slightly different as horses live much longer. Between the age of three and 10 it can take  more than 400 days to rehome an equine but this reduces once they are 10 years or older.*

The RSPCA has launched its Golden Oldies scheme to raise money to care for these senior citizens, who might need a bit more care and attention than younger animals in our centres.

Dr Jane Tyson, scientific officer at the RSPCA said: “It takes over three times longer to rehome an older dog and more than twice as long to rehome an older cat. These seniors often need a little more care, medicine and sometimes a special diet but they can make such rewarding companions.

“It is heartbreaking to see an older animal spend their twilight years in a cattery, kennel, or centre stables. Plenty of pets are young at heart and every animal is an individual so one of these oldies could be the perfect addition to your home.”

Just like these Golden Oldies who still have so much love to give….

Zac is a 19-years-young Welsh cross Arab who still has a spring in his step. He came into RSPCA care from a home of neglect in October last year. He is very loving and a real gentlemen with plenty of personality. He will make a great companion for another horse. He currently lives out with a rug in a herd of geldings and enjoys playing with the youngsters and showing them a trick or two!

For more information or to rehome Zac please contact Jacqui Wilson, North Equine Rehoming Officer on 07825 158 255 or email jacqueline.wilson@rspca.org.uk

Betsy AKA Alcar Princess Royal is 13 years old, she is a registered part-bred Welsh Section A. She came into RSPCA care after her owner asked for help reducing the large of amount of horses they had as their welfare had become compromised. On arrival at RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre, Betsy was nervous but soon settled down once she got used to a routine. She has been ridden but is not suitable to be a child’s first pony. She is also looking for a companion home.

For more information or to rehome Betsy please contact the equine centre on 0300 123 0724.

Kane and Kaya are two older Staffordshire Bull Terriers who are looking for a new home together. These Golden Oldies have been in the care of the RSPCA Wirral and Chester branch for almost a year now. They are both in good health despite being 10 and 13-years-old and still very spritely. They would need a home with no other pets where someone is around for most of the day. They love long walks and their favourite thing to do is to play with their call.

For more information or to give Kane and Kaya a loving home, contact the branch on 01516 386318.

This lovely girl Roxy is looking for a caring family who can give her some much-needed love and fuss. The 12-year-old crossbreed was brought into RSPCA South Godstone Animal Centre as she was very underweight. After some yummy meals and lots of fuss, this older lady has begun to shine. She knows lots of commands such as sit, shake a paw, wait and down and would continue to learn with a new family who can keep up this training and put her cleverness to good use. Although she has lived with other dogs before, she can be a little wary so would prefer to be the only dog in the home. She would also like a cat-free environment but could live with children who are secondary school age or older. She would like her new owners to be around for the majority of the day at first and then slowly build up to being left on her own for a few hours or more.

If you would like to give this Golden Oldie her perfect retirement home, please contact RSPCA South Godstone Animal Centre on 0300 123 0741.

Moses is a 12-year-old male tabby and white cat who came into RSPCA Blackberry Farm Animal Centre in December last year. When he arrived he was dangerously overweight and the staff are carefully working to bring his weight down to a healthy level. It may take him a while to settle and he will need plenty of places to hide in his new home when it all gets a bit much. Moses is a sweet cat with a lot of love to give. He would prefer to be the only cat in the home and doesn’t want to live with dogs though he could live with children of secondary school age or older. It is very important than any new owner continues helping him to keep the weight off.

For more information or to give this retired moggy a home please contact Blackberry Farm on 0300 123 0752.

Miss Fizz is a 17-year-old sweetheart. The black and white cat was shocked to find herself homeless at her senior age. She has found being in the cattery a little stressful and hasn’t been fond of fuss but the staff are sure once she settles in to a home she will feel much more relaxed. Miss Fizz loved food and she loves her cosy bed. She would suit an adult-only household with no other pets. She is looking for someone to keep her comfortable and happy through her golden years.

For more information contact RSPCA Blackberry Farm on 0300 123 0752.

Dr Tyson added: “An animal centre may not be able to mirror the individual attention and support of a loving home but it doesn’t have to be a scary or lonely place either. RSPCA volunteers and staff work to make sure all older animals have appropriate and comfy bedding, medicine, specialised diets and all the fuss and attention they deserve in their golden years.”

To donate to help support the RSPCA continue to care for these and many other Golden Oldies please visit rspca.org.uk/goldenoldies

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