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The Blackcurrant Season Gets Underway!

British blackcurrant growers anticipate a sweeter than usual crop this year, thanks to favourable growing conditions, as the British blackcurrant season gets under way.

The British blackcurrant season officially began on 26th June, with growers organisation, The Blackcurrant Foundation predicting a crop yield of 12,000 tonnes. This is two weeks earlier than the average harvest period. 

The dry winter, coupled with recent warm weather, which saw temperatures rise to 30+ degrees in early June has bought forward the crop and created the perfect growing conditions, resulting in a higher than normal Brix level (available and naturally occurring fruit sugars)

Blackcurrant Foundation chairman Jo Hilditch said: “This season’s blackcurrant production is excellent and the increased natural sweetness in our berries is welcomed by our client Ribena. We are focused on maximising the sweetness and taste of our berries to let the consumer enjoy the natural goodness of British blackcurrants.”

95% of the UK crop is destined for Ribena with a small amount finding their way to the supermarket shelves and also into other products including frozen formats and other soft and alcoholic drinks.

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